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Have you ever tried to build your own PC? If so, you might have tried to design your own circuit boards and realised how tricky it really is. PCB Artist is a user friendly, fully integrated, schematics capture & PCB layout tool that's easy to use for those that don't have much electronic know-how. The program has been especially developed so as to require no formal training or in-depth experience with PCB layout tools.

Your first job is to design the circuit. PCB Artist includes an integrated Schematics Capture tool that's easy to use and there's a useful tutorial to take you through the process. The next step is to define the PCB which involves creating the schematics. Again, another wizard helps you define the parameters of the PCB such as the layers, track sizes, and quantities. Following that, you'll need to define the layout of the PCB which includes Autoplacement and AutoRouting to make sure your PCB has the best chance of working properly. It can even generate a parts list that you'll need based on your design.

The final step is to check that your PCB actually works. The program automatically checks your final design including spacing rules, incomplete nets and connection checks. The developers then encourage you to submit your design to them for manufacture although this is entirely up to you.
This is an excellent PCB design program for beginners although those seeking to design advanced circuit boards may find it limited.

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Design your own circuit boards without spending a single cent.

PCB Artist allows you to design and visualise circuit boards and even submit them for manufacture via 5 easy steps and wizards.

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PCB Artist


PCB Artist 1.0.16

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